Disable Padshop pro only in Cubase AI

Hi Guys,

I have 2 licenses of Cubase. One is 9 PRO and the other is 9 AI that I use for some very small projects and I don’t need to plug my USB eLicenser.
One small thing that annoys me is that Padshop Pro only runs with the eLicenser plugged and everytime I launch Cubase AI it says license is missing (of course, the eLicenser is not plugged).
I tried to disable the plugin in the plugin manager but I still have this error. Is there any alternative to only disable this plugin in Cubase AI and Not in Cubase Pro ?



When this message shows up in your Cubase AI? While loading Cubase?

As soon as it finishes loading. On the Steinberg Hub Screen, as shown on the screenshot!


If you disabled Active n the Plugin Manger in you Cubase AI and this doesn’t work, then I’m afraid there is no way around it.