Disable Plugin Windows show on re-launch?

When I launch Wavelab and I have the Restore Configuration at next Start-up option checked in the Master section, it re-loads the Plugins within the master section as desired. However it also opens up their windows, so I have to always close them, which being the lazy person that I am annoys me :slight_smile:

Is there a configuration option that allows them to load but keep the windows closed, hence they show and load as entries in the effects rack only?


Are you using WaveLab 8.0.2? This should already be so in this version.

Yes, I am.
Is there a setting? I am on a MAC 10.8.4

32 bit or 64 bit? Does it happen with VST-3 plugins too?

It happens in both 32 bit and 64 bit and any type of plugin I tried, vst3 and others

I played with this some more…

When I have the Use Plug-In Chain Window disabled, then they do NOT launch as desired.
If I have the Plug-In Chain Window enabled then they’ll show on launch

Right. The chain window is always recreated, this is meant to work like this. Maybe I could change this in the future.

that would be nice…at least have the option to not show it


is this still an issue with 8.5 ??
I have 8.04 and still see all plugin windows open on start, even when they where closed before I exit.