Disable preview for VST in Media Bay

In the Media Bay…Is there a way to disable preview of a VST track preset ?

This is possible with audio files but not VST presets, thus making quick navigation with up/down arrow keys impossible as you have to wait forever for the VST to load.


You don’t have to wait until the preview has been loaded. You can just continue to press arrow up/down to select next preset.

Btw, do you mean Media type == VstPreset?

Your suggestion won’t work, as you press the arrow up/down arrow, Cubase will get stuck and beach ball as it tries to load the Track Preset for preview.

The amount of time you have to wait will obviously depend on the preset, a synth preset is fairly quick but a ram intensive Kontakt instrument takes for ever.

Someone on VI-Control suggested i disable the lower pane within the media browser and that seems to work…Kind of dumb that CB won’t aloud users to turn off preview for VST, same as audio.