Disable record on all tracks

Hi all. I followed instructions found on the forum to create a logical editor preset for this function, and it works when I hit “Apply”. However, I created a key command for it, and it doesn’t work. I’ve attached a screenshot. Can anyone help me figure out why this doesn’t work?

The root problem is that I record a lot of tracks quickly, by myself, and I sometimes forget that a track outside of view is record enabled, which can create problems if I don’t notice it right away. In Protools, there was a mode to where only one track could be record-enabled at a time, unless you held shift (or control, I forget) while you clicked record, enabling you to record enable multiple tracks. Any chance that something like this has been added, or has anyone found a hacky way to pull this off in Cubase?

Or, are there any other suggestions? I’m thinking that if I just have a key command for unarming all tracks that I hit before I record enable, that that would solve the problem though.

Thanks all!

Oops! All I had to do was close the Logical Editor window, and the key command started working. If any of you have any alternative workflow suggestions for this, I’d love to hear it though!

Nice, works great, thanks!