disable record when no tracks armed?

when I record I often activate the punch in/punch out icons so that cubase records between locators!

In the prefs I have set the punch in/punch out to stay active to speed things up and reduce key presses!

my question: Is there away to stop cubase going into record mode between the locators with punch in/punch out activated if there are ‘NO’ tracks armed…???

I’m afraid, this is not possible. How could Cubase knows, on what track should records? You have to armed tracks anytime, you want to record.

Better to have punch out stay active and punch in deactivate automatically, and just use the “I” button to activate punch in.

because cubase only records on armed tracks… so if no tracks are armed (i.e. no record icons highlighted) cubase will not record… hence if no tracks are armed and punch in/out are activated there is not point in cubase going into record mode between the locators!

Yea I do that but when you are working solo with a guitar (or similar) and I screw up I want to use the least key strokes as nessesary to speed things up and I quite often forget to re-activate punch in :blush: . I have found with punch/in/out locked I can delete the take and re-start recording the part very quickly and know it ‘IS’ recording! How many times have you looked up at the screen halfway through a take and realise the track is not recording because punch in was not activated… I confess that this has happend to me several times!

don’t get me wrong, I know its not a big issue… and it works fine until I go to audition the part and the record kicks in again even when no tracks are armed which means you can’t use the fast forward and rewind buttons unless you stop cubase and turn off the punch in … which seems a bit pointless. If not tracks are armed why put cubase into record mode even if punch in/out are active!

I know you can use lanes but I find that I tend to become complacent if I loop the recordings for several takes (which is just a personal thing) … but like I said, It’s not a big deal. Just thought I would ask!

In a nut shell, what I am saying is that… if no tracks are armed (set to record) cubase should never go into record mode regardless of the punch in/out settings! can anyone give me a reason why it should?