Disable shortcuts for menus? (Win)

There are some keyboard shortcuts in the German version which are “overruled” by opening menus:
Alt + I doesn’t toggle between the different insert modes, it opens the help menu
Alt+ B doesn’t change back to “Befehle” in the jump bar, it opens the library menu (“Bibliothek”)

I never use the shortcuts to open the menus, but I would like to use these shortcuts as expected. I also don’t want to use different shortcuts than in the English version. Therefore, I would like to know, if there is a possibility to deactivate or change the shortcuts for the menus. I couldn’t find them in the settings.
For Dorico 5 it would be great if these problems could be avoided by changing the shortcuts for the menus.

No, there’s no way to change the shortcuts for the accelerators used in the menus, nor is there a way to suppress them altogether. I agree that we should avoid these clashes if we can – I’ll try to figure out a solution.


Daniel, I just discovered, that there is another shortcut, which is not working out of the same reason:
Alt + P (move playhead to beginning of selection).

To save me going to find a Windows computer, which menu does that clash with?

It is the “Skript” Menu.

I have been scratching my head over this too, since Alt-P similarly opens the Script menu in the English version. I have seen some complicated suggestions for disabling this behaviour – in Windows programs generally, not just Dorico – but there seems to be no consensus as to which ones (if any) work, and in any case they are too much for my IT-challenged brain. Windows 10 does have ways of disabling “Underline Access Key Shortcuts”, which sounds like the answer, but for some reason it doesn’t solve the problem. I suppose I will have to assign another key command to Move Playhead to Selection.