Disable Sort by Default?

Is there any way to just default the instrument sorting in setup mode to off? It’s something I never find useful, and often find annoying.


Not as far as I know.

I would hope that a preference for sorting order (and more/custom orders) would be something that we’ll see in a .1 or .2 update.


Am I correct that we are talking about instrument sorting rather than Player sorting?

Yes. The thing where if you try to reorder stuff it keeps overriding you whenever you add anything new.

Some sort order thoughts …

  1. As TylerE is suggesting, it would be great to have a Preferences option to specify a default sort order, including None
  2. It would also be nice to have an option to have the order switch to None as soon as there is a manual edit to the order. If I’ve made manual changes, I’m not going to want them all undone by adding an additional instrument.
  3. It would be great to be able to add additional orders. As of now there is None, Orchestral, and Band. You can redefine one of Orchestral or Band to be a custom order with a doricolib file, but at least in D4.3 you can’t add an additional order. (I haven’t tested this in D5) For example I created a custom Jazz score order for example that I typically use, but to do that I had to repurpose the instrumentscoreorder.windband entityID.
  1. Score orders within similar instruments are typically small to large, not alphabetical. In many situations Dorico just has the instruments ordered alphabetically, so Clarinet in A is listed above Clarinet in Bb in the Orchestral order, which is wrong according to virtually every score I’ve ever seen.

It definitely would be nice to see some improvements with sort order options!