Disable Tremolos for playback

Is there a way to have a tremolo on a note, but for it not to have any playback effect, but for the note to still sound? I want to use a sampled timpani roll. I have created a custom playing technique to trigger this sample. I hide the custom playback technique that I have placed above the note with the tremolo because it means nothing notationally, but it does trigger my sample. However, the tremolo ‘interferes’ with playback and so I would like to turn it off. Nothing helps in PLAYBACK OPTIONS/Timing/Tremolo’s. Is there a way to get around this?
Thanks in advance.

Why do you need to use a custom technique for this? If you set the tremolo in the expression map to trigger your sampled roll, D. should use that rather than generate one on its own. If you do need the custom PT, leave the tremolo technique in the expression map and route it to an endpoint that’s not in use…

Are we talking about a tremolo on a single note or one between two or more notes? I expect it would make a difference in the OP’s situation.

I have many different single note rolls available, some with soft sticks, some with hard sticks etc, so I need the flexibility to select different rolls. Therefore just mapping one single roll to the tremolo PT does not work. I don’t even have the tremolo PT in my Expression Map for my Timpani instrument. I’m sure this is common for other users…Many sample libraries have various rolls available, but want to notate with the tremolo articulation.
I can simply use the trill symbol instead because I can suppress the playback on the trill, but I can’t suppress the tremolo without suppressing the note itself. Routing the tremolo to an endpoint that’s not in use does not work, or at least I can’t figure that solution out…My custom PT and the tremolo are triggered at the same rhythmic position through necessity, and therefore unless I can disable the tremolo, my PT does not trigger.

Sorry I used the word endpoint, because that has a dedicated meaning in Dorico. My point was that it’s asking for trouble NOT to have the Tremolo technique in the expression map. You can just leave it blank, or use a non existant keyswitch. If it’s not there then Dorico feels free to create robotic tremoli.

You may instead try to use combined techniques, such as Tremolo + MyRoll1, Tremolo + MyRoll2 etc…