Disabled Track Template Sizes between 9.5 & 10

Hi all, I am in the process of building a NEW template using the disabled track feature. I use only Instrument tracks with most being single instances of Kontakt.

In Cubase 9.5, with over 1000+ tracks with expression and drum maps, my template came in at 370mb.
In Cubase 10 with over 1000+ tracks my template size is OVER 1 GB, 3 times LARGER!

The only thing I have done different was to upgrade the template to Kontakt 6 from 5, but would that add up to that much larger a file size?

Thanks for looking into this!

On a whim (insanity) I went back and started replacing the instances of Kontakt 6 with Kontakt 5 and re-saving the template expecting it to go down in size and it grew even bigger. Something is wrong with this version of Cubase as regards the file size with large disabled track templates. Is anyone using VEPro and using over 1000+ midi tracks? What file sizes are you seeing?