Disabled tracks are now accessible through the Project Logical Editor..

In case anyone missed it, you can now select disabled tracks in the Project Logical Editor and process them (e.g. hide/show). Whilst not quite as straightforward as a visibility Agent this is a big step in the right direction for those of us with large disabled track style templates …


This is great news!

Beautiful. This has been a feature request of mine ever since they introduced disabled instrument tracks.

There is also a “Hide Disabled Tracks” agent in the visibility agents menu (as of 9.5.10?).


There is. It might have been there already in 9.5.0 but they’ve done a half arsed job by not including it in the key commands list (which is where I was looking for it). Still, I’m sure that will arrive by Cubase 12.5 and in the meantime there’s a good work around using PLE.