Disabling 100% ??

Hi everybody,

I wanted to do some test in Cubase 8.5, since I sometimes have issues mixing big projects.
These projects I produced as well, so they’re full of VSTi’s and I’m trying to mix the track in the same project as the track was recorded/produced/arranged, although I might have to change this approach.
(BTW: I’m at the top of my ASIO buffer, 2048 samples with my UAD Quad Interface)

I have come with 2 options;

Option 1: “Render in Place” every VSTi/Midi track, than delete the VSTi/Midi, keep the audio and save all this in a new cubase project and go on mixing from there.
Option 2: “Render in Place” every VSTi/Midi track, and Disable the VSTi/Midi, keep the audio and go on from there. This way I still have the MIDI available in the same project.

But, this made me think about the option of “Disable Track”.
Since I don’t know how to properly test it myself, does anybody know if “Disabeling a Track” removes that particular track from the CPU/RAM 100%?

In the end I don’t really mind if it’s going to be Option 1 or Option 2, but I think most of us would prefer to have all the MIDI still available in the same project, if that doesn’t affect the CPU/RAM/Performance of the project in a bad way.

What do you guys think?

You would obviously test by checking cpu/ram in a project, loading a bunch of instrument tracks, disabling them and seeing if the cpu/ram use was the same as before loading them.

Yes, disabling an instrument track fully unloads it from memory.