Disabling 3rd party plugins?

I’m a long time Cubase “Pro” user, just bought Cubase 10 LE just for saving some ideas when I don’t happen to have my dongles with me.
Problem is that LE always freezes on startup when scanning plugins because I don’t have my waves licenses & iLok with me either… ( I can get LE started by going to task manager and killing “VST3 scanner”, but it’s not very “clean” procedure…"

Is there a way to make 3rd party plugins “invisible” just for LE, without affecting Cubase Pro? Can I manually blacklist certain plugins or similar?

I assume you can set the paths differently in Pro & LE for the Plugin Manager. If so, just remove the paths to the ones you don’t want.

No luck through the Plugin Manager. I can only hide specific plugins from the list, but they still load in startup. And plugin paths you can edit seem to be only for vst2 plugins. Manually blacklisting doesn’t seem to be an option. :neutral_face:
Is there some file that you can edit from where LE reads the plugin paths on startup?

Yeah, you’re right only VST2. There’s no file I know of where it reads the plug-in path. Maybe in the registry?

Really grasping at straws (and possible overkill) but maybe some sort of dual boot system when only one has the 3rd party plugs installed.

Yep, little over the top, but seems that I’ll have to do the dual boot procedure. …bugger.