Disabling a track erases assigned MIDI routing. Any alternative options or a solution?

The other posts on here are suggesting that it is a bug? Is this true? I am on the latest version of Cubase Pro 12 on a Mac. The MIDI routing changes to something random and every time I enable the track again, I also have to reroute the MIDI track to the correct channel. If it’s not a bug, then is there any other ways to save RAM? Will Freezing a track do the same thing?

I also try selecting all in hopes of batch editing the routing, but it doesn’t work. Is there a way to select and batch edit (this is pretty common in other DAWs)?


Could you please describe your use case exactly step by step?

Hi Martin,

Thank you so much for your reply. I’m just setting up an instance of komplete kontrol with Kontakt 7 mult out in it and 16 midi channels controlling each instrument inside . Each Midi channel is also routed to its own audio channel. Set up works fine before disabling. Disabling the instrument track and reenabling it again makes me lose all the MIDI routing in the MIDI channel source I created (not the channel number). It goes to a random track and I have to reroute everything individually - that’s why I also asked about selecting and rerouting tracks all together instead of individually going to every single channel. Usually other DAW;s have this where you want to rename or edit something - all you have to do is select multiple things and edit.

Thank you so much!


Can you reproduce this with NI Kontakt/Komplete only or with and Instrument, please?

Hi Martin,

I had to delete my reply to you and repost again because I noticed a few things.

I have updated to the latest version 12.0.52 on a Mac (Intel)

-Problem happens when there are multiple instrument tracks of ANY plugin (not just Kontakt).
-It doesn’t happen when there is only one instance of an instrument track
-Deleting the Cubase 12 file in my preferences didn’t do anything.
-Updating to the latest version didn’t do anything
-Rerouting the MIDI source on my midi tracks don’t make it work either. I have to delete the VST instrument track and remake it for it to recognize (even after rerouting) to play the sound
-Problem happens in ANY project (empty or full)

I’d really love to disable tracks as it helps me save CPU. This function is one of the big reasons why I decided to use Cubase as other daws aren’t the same.

Unfortunatelly, I am dealing with the same problem right now… In complex sessions it is really annoying. Did you find any solution?


Does Nuendo have the same problem? If so, it is pretty terifying… It is nearly impossible to work with huge templates. OMG.

It’s always the subsequent instances created when you set up the midi, disable, then enable and the midi becomes lost or unassigned?

Yes, it’s a known bug.

The problem is that it’s been a known bug since Cubase 8 back in 2017, and it still hasn’t been fixed:


Not really.

If you read the thread, you can see:

So the bug, we are talking about here, must be other bug.

The exact same issue still happens, so it hasn’t been fixed.

I’ve been experiencing this myself since I started using Cubase around version 4/5. And it still happens to this day. In multiple different situations. That’s just one post of many from multiple places and forums over the years.

However many bugs it may be, it’s just really surprising/frustrating that it hasn’t been ironed out yet considering a lot of people use Cubase for it’s MIDI workspace.

Here is a repro:

  1. Add a Kontakt Instrument track

  2. Add 3 midi tracks for that Kontakt Instrument

  3. Disable the Kontakt Instrument track

  4. Enable the Kontakt Instrument track
    Result: Everything works as intended. Each midi track retains it’s assignment number.

  5. But now, add a 2nd instance of the Kontakt Instrument

  6. Add 3 midi tracks for that 2nd instance

  7. Disable the Kontakt Instrument

  8. Enable the Kontakt Instrument
    Result: All 3 midi tracks will show “missing.”

If you add any subsequent Kontakt Instrument tracks they will show missing too. The only one that does not show missing is the first Kontakt Instrument track.

@Martin.Jirsak I’ll be happy to send you a .gif if you wish. It’s been reported.

Hi Greg,

These steps are known and already reported issue. Thank you.


I have just tested this in Cubase 12.0.70.

My result is a bit different:

  • Add Instrument Track (Halion Sonic SE) 1 [let’s mark the track as HSSE1].
  • Add MIDI Track (Cubase route its output to the HSSE1) [let’s mark the track as MIDI1].
  • Add Instrument Track (Halion Sonic SE) 2 [let’s mark the track as HSSE2].
  • Add MIDI Track (Cubase route their outputs to the HSSE2) [let’s mark the track as MIDI2].
  • Disable HSSE1 track.
  • Enable HSSE1 track.

=> Output of MIDI1 track is routed to the HSSE2.
=> Output of MIDI2 track is routed to the HSSE1.

Yes, I just verified that and it works!
But, doing the same with Kontak plus a few other developers, it does not work. Martin, I sent you a PM with the included Jira. Would you mind adding this development to that?


What do you mean by this, please? My result is, it doesn’t work. The MIDI Tracks outputs are needed up in my scenario.

I’ll PM you soon.

I followed your steps. I did not end up with any midi “missing”

EDIT: My apologies! Correct, it still does not work. I had a major brain fart and forgot to disable the corresponding midi tracks with the Instrument track.

Carry on…no PM necessary… :crazy_face:


I didn’t disable any MIDI Track at all. What is your scenario, please?

  1. Add Instrument Track (kontakt 6)

  2. Add 3 midi tracks, and configure them as midi 1, midi 2, and midi 3, (route the midi output to Kontakt)

  3. Add a 2nd Instrument track (kontakt 6)

  4. Do the same as in step 2 above for the 2nd Instrument track

  5. Focus the first instrument track plus the 3 midi tracks.

  6. Disable

  7. Enable
    Result, the midi tracks show midi 1, midi 2 and midi 3. This is correct behavior.

  8. Focus the 2nd instrument track plus the 3 midi tracks.

  9. Disable
    10 Enable
    Result, the midi tracks show “missing.”

And if you were to add any subsequent Instrument tracks and did the same, they would also show “missing.”

I have a .gif, demonstrating the above, but it’s too large for here. Feel free to PM me if you wish.

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To me it just points to the fact that Cubase just fires the Enable track commands workout waiting of the previous track has been enabled already or not.

So it enables the Instrument track. Immediately it enables the MIDI Track. But the Instrument track has not been enabled completely yet, so it sets the Missing MIDI Port.

This is my explanation, but of course as a user, I would expect it is working, so the MIDI Tracks outputs would become set to the Instrument Track.