Disabling effects on Groove Agent SE

First off, really new to Cubase for starters.

I can’t seem to find how to disable the (awful) effects on the dozen or so kits I was listening to in Groove Agent SE.

I’ve recorded a MIDI drum part with my Yamaha DTX kit, hoping to hear an improvement in quality with Cubase, and there’s just this awful reverb and what sounds like phaser on the drum kits, even “Country” kits.

The reverb used in Steinberg’s new instruments is well regarded (it’s an improved version of a commercial reverb), and most presets only use it in moderate amounts. There’s also no Phaser effect applied to any acoustic kits, as far as I can remember. It sounds like your audio outputs or hardware could be setup incorrectly.

Press F4 to check your audio outputs. Ideally, you want Cubase to output sound through a stereo bus.

To bypass the inserts and sends, use the buttons to the top right of the interface:

The first one bypasses the inserts, while the second one bypasses the sends.

Assuming the audio connections are ok, is there any way to disable these effects, or were the samples recorded wet?

I told you how above. You can also use the Mixer tab for that.

Ah, missed that. Thanks.