disabling MIDI port in Nuendo

I am getting a MIDI feedback loop in Nuendo. I don’t have that channel activated as an input in my project for any of my MIDI parts. I would like to be able to send from that MIDI port but remove any possibility of the MIDI information on that particular MIDI port from coming back in to Nuendo.

Is there a way to disable a MIDI port at the most basic level in Nuendo?


Are you sure, this feedback loop is made by Nuendo? Can you describe your MIDI routing, please?

If you are using hardware synth, is the Local Control switched Off?

Regarding to Nuendo, you could check Preferences > MIDI > MIDI Thru Active settings.

No the feedback loop was no in Nuendo. it was a setting i had with the virtual MID software i was using.

Good to know, thank you.