Disabling plugins on Stereo Out to resolve latency

I have a few plugins on my Stereo Out that are causing recording latency even when bypassed/turned gray. The latency only goes away when I completely remove them. Outside of saving a preset, removing each one, and reloading the preset, is there a less clunky way of keeping them loaded but disabling them to solve the latency issue?

You can power it down, either by opening it and clicking the power button, or ALT-CLICK while it remains unopened in the slot might work for you.

I have a FabFilter Pro-L on my stereo out that adds way to much latency while recording. But bypass alone fixes that for me. The stock Cubase ‘Limiter’ seems to work for me with no added latency while tracking.

I also place the Pro-L on the last insert ‘8’. Not sure if that is why or how it makes a difference…

Load your stereo out plugins as normal. After making plugin settings save it as a “FX Chain Preset.” Call it “Master” or something. Remove all the plugs and save another FX chain preset. Call this one “Reset.” Now you can load or reset the whole shabang very easily.

Would it not be easier just to click the “constrain delay compensation” that’s what it’s there for.

I usually save the fx chain, naming it as the song title, as I vary the fx plugs and settings on the stereo out bus.

I didn’t realise constrain delay compensation could solve the issue, I’ll give that a go!

Jim B