Disabling plugins to speed up project loading time

When I open a large template with many plugins inserted, the only way to speed up the load time is to actually disable entire tracks… which is fine, I guess, except for the fact that you can’t disable Groups or FX tracks, so there are still many plugins being seen by Cubase on project load.

I’d rather it be that we can put plugins into a fully disabled state (not just bypassed or turned off, but literally disabled, or not even loaded) such that they get ignored on project startup. This would mean that the name of the plugin would only be shown in the insert slot.

This would be similar to that “email headers only” option in your favorite mail program. The content of the email only gets downloaded from the internet when you click on the header.

Can this be done?
Feature request?

I don’t think this would impact the load time much, if at all, over just Disabling the plug-ins on the Group & FX Tracks. They are pretty small compared to sample libraries.

The same template, with no plugins inserted at all, opens much faster. So, the presence of disabled plugins makes a huge difference.

Cubase is actually loading those plugins… versus with entirely disabled tracks, it acts as if the track and its plugins aren’t even there.

That’s my experience.