Disabling Rack Instruments

Is this possible. A major workflow inhibitor as i cant disable rack instruments.

There is a power button on the rack device.

What do you want to achieve? What is the problem?

In my film score template, I prefer to use rack instruments and they cant be disabled. I need to save CPU power

I see, does the “power button” in the rack device help?

No, turn off the “power” in the rack device won’t remove the instrument entirely from RAM. Is there a way to do so?

Yes, turning off the power button means no cpu will be used. That’s the difference between that and bypass. Disable or freeze the instrument track if you want to remove the instrument.

No, turning off the power button means no CPU usage only, but it does not remove the RACK instrument from RAM. And I am finding a way to “Disable” a RACK instrument just like “Disable” function for a track instrument which unload the rack instrument from RAM so that my template can be loaded faster. With hundreds of them, it takes forever right now.

That’s what I said :slight_smile:. You can freeze to unload the instrument, but you might be better off using instrument tracks and disabling those. Realistically though, if your template is that big, you should be using VEPro to avoid loading/unloading.

Freezing won’t work if there is no MIDI data on the MIDI track (since it is a template), so it is out of the question. Let’s go back the original question, is it true that there is definitely no way to “disable” a rack instrument and unload it from RAM like the “disable” function for a track instrument in Cubase? I just don’t want to miss it if it is hidden somewhere, thanks.

You’re not missing anything. The confusion here is because the original question the OP posed is about avoiding the cpu overhead of unused instruments. You’ve changed the topic of this thread to saving the time required to load/unload instruments when opening/closing a project :slight_smile:.

The only way to way unload a rack instrument is to have midi attached to it, then freeze it. If that doesn’t work for you, then your only option is to use instrument tracks. These days, there’s not much difference between track and rack instruments, but if you can’t use track instruments for some reason, then your only option is to use VEPro, which is what film and orchestral composers with large templates often do.

If there is one empty MIDI part on the MIDI track, you can freeze a Rack Instrument.

Sorry for the confusion, I thought the OP was asking the same question. Didn’t read them clearly, my bad.

Thanks so much for the clear answer and solution. I had an old but quite useful template with many rack instruments. It seems the quickest solution for me right now is to create empty MIDI parts and freeze them all. Shouldn’t take long. When I have time, I will slowly re-create track instruments to replace all the rack ones so that I can disable them, thanks. :smiley:

Got it, thx.