Disabling Tracks doesn't retain settings

Not saying it is a bug but it would be so much more useful if re-enabling an (instrument) track would retain:

-midi Inputs
-Expression map
-Quick Controls

My workaround is to save a track preset.
Right now the workflow to re-enable a track is in 3 steps:
re-enable, set the midi input, recall thetrack preset.

This should be made with a single shortcut.
I wish it will be fixed soon



This is huge.

Someone needs to add this to the Features & Sugg. forum.

UPDATE: Just tested all but Expression Maps and it appears to be working for me.

this sounds like it is definitely a bug, I would suggest posting in the Issues section.

i have filed a issue in the issue reports this morning about this, please swing by and report your findings.


I do think is a bug, why wouldnt you want to retain those settings?

Hi, I’m in the process of building a new template from scratch in CP8 and I can confirm that MIDI Input Routing and Expression Maps are lost after disabling the track, quitting Cubase, launching it again, opening the Project and enabling the same track.
I don’t use Quick Controls so I can’t confirm that.
What is even more curious is that the MIDI Input Routings are always lost, but, for example, only 8 out of 10 tracks loose their Expression Map assignments randomly.
I was so happy about the new Instrument Tracks Disable function, it is IMHO the best feature along with RIP for film musicians with big templates, who don’t want to use VEP, but it’s inconvenient to loose ExpMaps after every restart with a 300 tracks plus template.
Re-assigning the MIDI input is relativly easy, but trying to find the right ExpMap trough hundreds in the list (which by the way scrolls very slow if the list is longer than your screen can hold) is a showstopper.

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I’ve confirmed that when a project with disabled tracks is saved, those disabled tracks don’t retain their midi inputs when they are re-enabled.

So, this wasn’t fixed in .02

Do you know if it is going to be fixed? Midi routing and expression are lost, and searching the expression map in the long list is cumbersome (first world problems?)

This is on the issue list since 8.0. Annoying for template buidlers. It is important to detail the issue properly, since in some conditions everything seems fine, but in fact it is a bug in the CPR itself and what is written to it.
Best way to show what is going wrong is this simple workflow:

1: start an empty project
2: add groove agent 4 on a instrument track
3: add a midi insert (f.e. beat designer)
4: make some basic rhythm on the beat designer
5: save the track preset (optional)
5b: disable the track
6: save the project
7: shut cubase down (no menu bar, so complete closure)
8: reload cubase and reload the project
9: enable the track
10: press play

You will notice that the midi insert rack is empty. But in fact it isn’t. If you start your project you will hear it playing, and if you push the edit button on the midi insert, then the beat designer will show up. But it isn’t listed as it should be in the midi insert fields.

Shure this is a bug, and yes it’s the same with midi inputs.
The CPR does not contain track information from disabled tracks like it does with enabled tracks.

They know the issue. It is a matter of priority in fixing such a thing.
Untill they are able to fix it, i’m getting used to it.
Maybe, once fixed, i’m going to miss this little spooky bug. Because youcan baffle nonaware users with it. :slight_smile:

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and FWIW. Ifyou want to impress the guys at steinberg. Make a small project with several of those tracks containing “ghost” data, and then send it to them. They will be looking to a completly empty project containing no parts at all, and still be hearing your song when pressing play.
I’m too busy for the moment for doing this, but maybe someone can do it. It’s funny after all.

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eh what a joke

no really. Making a joke from it is the best way and a positive way to bring it under their attention.
Maybe we can make a contest from it ?

I’ll try to make a song this weekend and post it to start it up.

Conditions for participation:

  • the project window must be completly emtpy
  • no visual clues of any data in the project
  • all tracks must be disabled when loading in the project
  • automation is allowed
  • no hidden tracks are allowed

The one with the best track gets a small price or a nomination on the forum. :slight_smile:

As said: will try this weekend to post an example and start it up. :slight_smile:

kind regards,

as said, here a link to a short demofile (cpr).
If you load it you should notice the entire CPR is visually empty at all levels, but still it contains a 16 bar mini-song with real musical data and mixer automation. So this is a bug… and it shows why…

I used only halion sonic SE + retrologue + prologue so everyone with a cubase 8 should be able to play this.

workflow: load the cpr, reconnect the soundcard to your own settings, enable all tracks, and press play


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It would be logical for the midi inserts to be present in the rack on Instrument track, but the inserts rack section in Instrument tracks is for audio inserts. The midi inserts don’t show up as they do in midi tracks.

On the other hand, the issue report about MIDI routing being lost upon reenabling tracks, that’s http://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=231&t=71825

Hi steve, do you know if, besides the MIDI routing, steinberg is looking into the expression maps dissapearance issue with deactivated track?

Hi Pablo,

I don’t know if SB is checking on that. I can’t reproduce it here; the expression map and quick controls, which I believe has also been mentioned, does stay configured on the track. If it’s broken consistently for you, have you tried starting Cubase in safe start mode, or checked it in an empty project, etc…?

I agree with Pablo. It’s a generic issue with everything that is midi related. Saving it as a preset does not help.

  • midi input is not remembered (when loading in a project --) for the disabled tracks)
  • expression maps are not remembered (when loading in a project --) for the disabled tracks)
  • quick controls are not remembered (when loading in a project --) for the disabled tracks)
  • midi inserts ARE remebered but are not shown correctly in the insert efx field where there should at least be an indication of what efx is being used --) for the disabled tracks)

Some important information related to the track is thus getting lost when you save it, close cubase completely, and reopen the same project.
Really something that should be solved.
But tx for looking in to it !
And it will get solved, i am shure of that. :slight_smile:

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The same as roel, I did everything but safe mode, and my cubase rig is down for a couple of days.
I wish somebody at steinberg could tell us if they are investigating.

Steve, how many expression maps do you use?

I can confirm this on my system too. Unfortunately I just created over a 1000 track template with all instrument tracks, disabling all tracks to dump memory, with expression maps for all, and to my shock find that the midi inputs are lost as well as the expression maps.

If I had known this before I probably would not have gone this route.

Is there any word that Steinberg is aware of this and intends to work on fixing it?

Edit: After further testing I have found that some expression maps are restored properly and some are not, it’s totally random so I consider this a bug.

The disable track feature is completely awesome for those of us who want to build large templates but don’t want to run VEPro or have multiple networked computers like Junkie XL. That being said though, re-enabling a track should restore everything as it was in my opinion. Hopefully Steinberg can make this work properly…

Edit#2: I just did a test with building a smallish template from instrument track presets that included expression maps. I disabled all the tracks and then exited Cubase then restarted and loaded the template. I re-enabled the tracks and all of the expression maps recalled correctly. Some strange behavior…

it is one of the possible solutions
maybe they limit the size of the content in the CPR for BU-reasons
not enough insight to get that figured out
but if so, it should not be that way
they should give us a choice to go that path or not
that being said, i still use it every day.
for he moment it’s a bit more clicks then needed,but the function is superb.
just need to get used to enable the midi and the quickcontrols and the rest…
but it is still a lot faster then before
direct connection to the favorites without using the complex internal browser and focussed on your own sound…

kind regards,