Disabling two notes to play thogheter

I have a problem in in my electric drums.
I connected extra pads and it makes them to double trigger.
When i hit the new cymbal it makes a cymbal and a tom sound.

Is there any option to set the midi channel to not play two notes toghetherbut only when they atr pressed seperetly?
When i hit the cymbal it uses the g2 and -1d notes
When i hit the tom it only uses the -1d

I couldtnt disable the trigger in the yamaha e drums and not in ezdrummer2.

Please try to help

My e drums are Yamaha dtxpress iv and the other cymbal connected to the moudole is PCY135. Connected with a spliter between in the tom2 input.


You can select the MIDI Track and restrict polyphony from MIDI > Functions menu.

But I would strongly recommend to find a solution on the source side.


Not sure this will work, but in the “brain” of the electronic drum set, you should be able to set unique midi notes for each pad.