Dear Steinberg Team,
1st Nonsense: I am customer of Steinberg products about 15 years and now I don’t understand so nonsensical policy regarding own clients. So, free upgrade from Cubase 6 to 6.5 is ONLY for users who have registered Cubase 6 after 1 January 2012, it means about 1 year after the appearance of on version 6. So, customers who purchased earlier (usually long-time customers) are marginalized (it’s not first time).

2nd Nonsense: I understand that the disease of greed is incurable. Costs of any update - as example: from Cubase 6 to 6.5, or from 6 to 7 - is about 40-50% of price new product! In one word - it is VERY expensive, and I’m not going NEVER buy any update from you, especially after your stupid information regarding 64-bit Cubase version (for PC on Cubase 5, on Mac Cubase 6…). I need honest informations. I need HONEST supporting not for 2-3 years (do you remember Midex 8, Houston, ST24/96, Virtual Guitarist 2, etc, etc… Where is supporting for those “professional” items??? For this reason I always advise my students: don’t buy any hardware products from Steinberg, because is for 2-3 years - later this company has you in “deep mess”.
Simply, you are geniuses of loss of customers! Congratulations!
Best regards,

Your Cubase 6 question is … ?