Disapointed about new N6 product

When you check the c7 forum you will se there are a lot of peaple facing performance issues and
66% sayiNg c7 brining a worser performance then 6.5 .

And its the same with n5.5 and nuend6.
One problem in my opinion is the asio guard, beinging more vst performance problems, then it should fix.

Steinberg needs uegently fix this the performance issues.

It really depends on many factors whether the ASIO Guard improves the situation or not. If it doesn’t work for you, do not use it for the time being.

I have not yet stretched N6 far enough to be able to see this performance issue, yet.
But can you speak of a disappointing product, considering the huge improvments and added funktions
SB has put in it? ATM, I am sitting in front of it with wide eyes and a smile. Luv it…
I can’t wait to see it handling a full-size .npr.
Maybe then it shows some weak points… but, as it looks, those shouldn’t be too bad.

Cheers, Big

thanks for the opinion and reply… but i dont understand why you are intergrating a feature will not work for a lot of people and causing such a bad performance.?

Asio Guard doesn’t work as good as it could, at least not for all users.

The biggest problem causing performance problems in N6 compared to N5.5 is plugins and plugins.

VST 2.4 have been the lowest version supported for a long time. But with N6 it seems it really counts as well.
Don’t use older than vst 2.4 plugins.


  • try to avoid vst bridged plugins (32bit plugs in 64 bit host)
  • do not mix and match 32/64bit plugin of the same.