Disappeared equalizer

Hello guys :wink:
I’m a little excited because this is my first post (I hope you’ll excuse my bad English; I’m from Italy)
OK, I just got, with a lot of satisfaction, the new Cubase 8 Pro (now 8.0.10 patched) but I have a problem but ONLY WITH 64bit version.(the 32 version works perfect)
The four parametrics EQ of EVERY single track in Cubase 8, as the title, there are not !! At least visually , I mean … if I load some presets they work perfectly (and I can hear) but DISPLAY graphics … There is no!!! Black screen . If I ask the controls knobs \ numerical those appear\ disappear regularly but the screen just above … SIGH and SOB … Black Deep!!! The dark night comes. What is wrong? Well , I hope I Explained … In contrary case I will attach a photo !! (for now I’m unable to do that!!)
I repeat … what above happen ONLY with 64bit version and ONLY with my computer (I tried with another PC – much more slow and old then mine …. grrrr !!! :imp: – and there the EQ works perfectly and appear regularly)
I hope to explained well although my English …
Some suggests? :bulb:
Many yhx in advance.

Hi Rospoverde,

welcome to our Forums! I believe your issue can be solved as described here: Computer für Audioanwendungen - WaveLab - Steinberg Forums

It will be much easier to help you if you always listed your system specs, e.g. in your signature.

All the best

Many many thx for the reply, Luis, and sorry for my forgetting. I’m new and do not yet know well the forum. I’ll insert the data in my signature as soon as possible.

Thank you very very much, Luis!! The problem was exactely there … Deleted the file and solved!!!
Really appreciate … see you the next bug … :smiley: