Disappearing automation nodes... Grrrrrrrrr

This new ‘feature’ of disappearing automation nodes while being zoomed out is driving me up the pole. Steinberg, PLEASE give us a preference to have it the old way. I do a lot of editing of automation data, which is pretty tricky when you can’t see the nodes. I spend half my day just zooming in and out to make them visible.

That’s all.

+1 big time.

You are not alone


Some improvements will come with the next Cubase update. More information I cannot share at the moment.



I hope so… :sunglasses:

+1 please.

Hello Steve,

Which Cubase version are you currently running ? Since Cubase 6.0.3 you can see the nodes by hovering your mouse in the automation lane at a “normal” zoom level.



Hi Chris,

I’m on 6.0.3 and have to be zoomed in to see the nodes. Of course ‘normal’ is a relative term, but clearly I and many others must be working outside these norms. Looking forward to a solution in the next update.

Thanks Chris

I couldn’t agree more!

For those of us who do a lot of automation, this new way of working is a step backwards.