disappearing chords

I have Dorico 3.1 and am operating mac os 10.13.6.

None of my projects can display Bmi7b5 or a Cmi7b5, and when I open up the Chord Symbol Project Default Appearances dialogue for those chords, the display shows blank white and no grid. All other mi7b5s show up just fine.

I can attach a file if that would be helpful?

Since this has happened, I have restarted my computer, and have also re-installed Dorico 3.1 from the Download Assistant, still with no luck.

Don’t know if this is something I overlooked or a bug, but could use some help. thanks!

If you want to post the file here, I’ll take a look.

Does this problem affect all projects, or just one?

it affects all projects, even projects started from Hub templates.

Can you try quitting Dorico, and in the Finder, go to /Users/your-username/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Dorico 3. In that folder you should find a file called userlibrary.xml. Drag that out of there (e.g. move it to your desktop), then run Dorico again. If you start a new project, do your chord symbols now appear correctly?

… and just like magic, they re-appeared! There must have been a corruption somewhere in that file. I will ear mark that file in case any future
gremlins manage to find their way into the software.

thanks so much!!!

ps: dorico is amazing …

Also, thanks to Dan K for being willing to look at my file! In the future I’ll have to figure out how to attach files to forum queries…

The key to attaching a Dorico file to the forum is to zip it first (or just add the suffix “.zip” at the end. If the file is large and does not have an audio difficulty that needs analysing, setting the Play Template to “Silent” will make the file significantly smaller.

Got it. Thanks again!

In reference to Daniel’s post of Wed Jan 22, 2020 3:37 pm: I am running version on a Mac, OS 10.14.6. I wen to the Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Dorico3 file as suggested, but found it empty. When I tried out the system with the Elements I opened a couple of xml files I made with Sibelius, and they had their chords. The xmls I have opened with 3.1 pro do not. Please advise me on how to remedy this situation.

Welcome to the forum, Paul. Hopefully it should be as simple as making the chord symbols appear for one or more players in the ensemble. Please see here, but let me know if that doesn’t help!

Thank you for your response, Daniel. Unfortunately that does not help. The problem also exists with lead sheets.

The problem may be that the MusicXML file doesn’t include any chord symbols. This will happen if the Sibelius score was created before Sibelius 6 or is using “legacy chord symbols”, i.e. plain text items. Only Sibelius’s fancy semantic chord symbols will be exported to MusicXML. You can use the Convert Legacy Chord Symbols plug-in in Sibelius to convert your text chord symbols into semantic chord symbols, then export the MusicXML file again.

I am running Sibelius 8.7.2, Quoting from my initial post “When I tried out the system with the Elements I opened a couple of xml files I made with Sibelius, and they had their chords. The xmls I have opened with 3.1 pro do not.” Since the Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Dorico3 file has nothing in it, is it possible I neglected to download something, or that there was a glitch in my download?

No. There is only one Dorico 3.1 application, and it runs as either Pro, Elements or SE dependent on what license is available to it.
The folder you should be looking at is **~**Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Dorico 3 - the tilde is absolutely crucial.

Yes that is the folder I am referring to. Mine has no files in it. Please help me resolve this problem. I could see the chords in the xml files in the trial version of Elements, but they are not showing up in the the 3.1 version I just purchased. Nothing has changed on the Seblius side.

Paul, can you provide one of your Sibelius files that you’re sure is using the new chord symbols, and the MusicXML file exported from it, and the Dorico project produced by importing that MusicXML file? Zip it all up and attach it here; if it’s larger than 2MB it won’t attach, so instead you can email it to me at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de.

Perhaps I am missing something right in front of me, but I cannot find a means of attaching files to this message. Many Thanks for providing me with a direct email address for you. I will send you the files with a further clarification by that means.

Zip the file before posting it as an attachment. If it’s too large, you can try switching the playback template to silence (Play mode, play menu, playback template).