Disappearing disc space

Hi, I had occasion to uninstall CP8 and re install…before I uninstalled it I had 143GB free space on my SSD, after re installing I have 130GB of free space…it’s almost like it didn’t uninstall and has re installed it alongside or something…it isn’t duplicated on the uninstall page though… :question:

anyone know whats goin on please… :slight_smile: :question:

cheers, Kevin

Try tools like treesizefree and ccleaner, I do and can recommend them. You will notice that your user settings folder (user profile) contain all kind of content.

If you installed it for All users one time and not the other time, and/or you did not uninstall the instrument library ?
Did you empty the Trash folder ?

Interesting point about the user’s…not sure what I did there but i did un install everything…everything!
and yes I did empty the bin… :slight_smile:

Start treeSizeFree, and do an scan over your disks, this tool will show you how much storage being used by folders, it’s handy to sort it so the biggest folder come on top.

Then look into the biggest folders to see whats in it, and the tip of installed option " for all users" is really a good one, had this happen a few times

cheers, will give it a shot… :slight_smile:

Windows 10 will also put a 6gig folder on your drive wether you install it or not, sneaky bit of foul play off Microsoft there

sneaky is what Microsoft specialise in…glad I aint got 10 and wish I had the brains to be able to use ubuntu in a seperate drive…(or howeveryyou do it) :confused: