disappearing dynamic markings at bottom of score


When entering hairpins on the double bass for an orchestral piece, i.e. bottom of the page, the hairpins will not enter. Sometimes, the appear in engrave mode (sometimes not). When they do appear, they appear incorrectly.

Any advice?

I have a score with d/bass; all hairpins are where they should be; so it could be something in your own settings, could it?

Would you please attach a graphic and/or describe what is happening with your hairpins in the layout.

Page or Galley view?

hmm…got it working by screwing with which voices are attached to the dynamics. Seems to work if I enter dynamics for voice 2 (downstem) but not voice 1 for some reason.

@ashert - you have two d/b voices on the same staff?

@MarkSealy, yes I do. Why? Does that explain this behavior?


I don’t know. But it might be worth eliminating that as a cause.

What happens if you create a second staff and split the two d/basses?

I’m certain that the number of voices on the staff won’t be the cause. ashert, if you would like us to solve this problem for you, the quickest way for us to do so is to look at the project file itself. You can zip it up and attach it here.