Disappearing graphics

All of a sudden the graphics that I have on the first page of the score (two different logos) don’t show up anymore. The frames are there, but all I get are red crosses.

Is there a switch for showing/hiding graphics, or did something else cause this? I am sure I did not do anything with the master page. It is gone there also if I check in the master page editor.

This also makes me wonder about best practice; should one keep the graphics in the same folder as the dorico file?


The graphics are embedded in the project directly, so it’s immaterial where they are relative to the project. Can you attach a project that you expect to show graphics but which no longer does?

That is good to know.

Of course I just replaced the two images, but here is one of the backup files (stripped) if you want to have a look.
snippet_graphics.zip (620 KB)

Interesting, the manifest shows the graphics that are supposed to be there, but the files themselves are missing. Did you import the master pages from another project, or anything like that?

No, they were not imported, but this is a file that I started on an earlier version. I use it as a template that I update and tweak as I go along newer projects.

Having restored the graphics now, please let me know if this goes wrong again in future.

Will do.

So, it has happened again. This time I was able to track down two backups, one before and one after. Two hours between them.
I will save these two files, and can send them to you if you would like to investigate.

Sure, by all means.