Disappearing Ionica Sketch?

Hello. In Dorico Pro (up to date), Windows 10, I set my Preferences > Play > Playback template to “Silence”, which worked just fine. When I tried to change it back to the group of options that included Ionica Sketch - Ionica was missing from the list (Halion, GASE, and Olympus were still there). Download Manager still shows Ionica Sketch as installed. Can this be remedied? Thanks.

Check whether Steinberg Library Manager thinks Iconica Sketch is installed correctly. Steinberg Download Assistant only really knows whether the content has been downloaded, not whether it has been properly registered with Steinberg Library Manager.

If everything looks OK in SLM, please do Help > Create Diagnostic Report in Dorico itself and attach the resulting zip file here.

Hello Daniel. Thanks for the rapid reply. SLM shows Iconica just fine and it’s in the right place. Here is the diagnostic. Thanks.
Dorico Diagnostics.zip (594.0 KB)

You are missing both Olympus Choir Micro and Keda Indian Drum Basics. Please install these using Steinberg Download Assistant.

Hello @dspreadbury (Daniel), I recall uninstalling those because I did not use them. However I was able to reinstall Olympus Choir Micro but cannot find Keda Indian Drum Basics for download. All help appreciated.

Have a look at this screengrab from SDA:

Hi @dspreadbury (Daniel), TA DA! Perfect. Iconica is back as an option in Dorico. Thank you very much for your help.