Disappearing Layout Name

Dorico Pro ( seems to be playing a trick on me. Yesterday I printed all four parts of a piece. Today, in Setup, Uke I is listed in Players, but not listed on the right side under Layouts; the name is not shown in lists of layouts elsewhere, either. (Under Layout Options, also, the part is listed on the left under Players, but not on the right-hand Layouts list). The music for Uke I is in the Score and in Play, so Uke I’s separate part must be lurking somewhere. How do I access the part name and its music?

It’s possible that you deleted the Ukulele part layout. Deleting layouts doesn’t delete that player’s music, just that particular view of their music.

You can either add a new part layout manually, and assign the ukulele to it, or use the Setup mode menu option to restore default part layouts.