Disappearing mixdowns

Hi, When I’ve finished a song I do a mixdown to my music folder and tick ‘pool’ and ‘track’ so the mixdown is in the project,

then back up the project to another disc…however, when I come to the project a month or so later the mixdowns that should be in the projects are gone…
is this because I may have moved them around in my finished mixdowns folder…?

the tracks have also gone from the backups…dunno why this is happening…

any help out there?,

thanks, Kevin


If you moved the source WAV file, Cubase cannot find it anymore. Then you have to search for them. You should always keep the source files on the place. You can copy them, of course.

So even if I back up the project ten times they all still refer to the original source file?..blimey!!
I thought they would be saved in the project audio folder…

is this correct…?

No, if you Backup the project, new Audio folder is created, and events refer to this new sources.

So excuse me for getting confused please… :blush: the source is where exactly? a new audio folder is created in the back up?
I’ve done this and they still disappear…

I’m gonna take a look at your training site…

Martin means using the Backup command in the Cubase file menu. Is that what you’re doing?

Re-importing the mix with ‘pool’ ticked should include the file into the project folder indeed. Backup to new folder includes it as well. Not sure whether the backup function has an option to not include all used files at all.

If it doesn’t, it is definately no Cubase’ standard behaviour and you simply have a ghost in the machine. Some of them eat single socks, but those usually crowd washing machines :confused:

Yeah…doing it the proper way…bt I’ve just gone a back up of a project now (that I backed up by using the backup command in the file menu)

and the tracks are not there,

are you saying that if I back up (properly using the backup command) then the backup should have the tracks included and not be refering to the tracks some where else?..ie, if I deleted all the tracks that I had exported this backup would still contain the tracks…

cheers, Kevin

I think you need to perform a “Prepare Archive” command before you back up the project. Adding a file to the pool does not place it in the “Audio” folder unless you specify it (sounds like you are using a different “Mixdown” folder).

This is just necessary when you want the imported audio in the original folder. Backup collects files from any location into the new folder, that’s one of the strength of the feature in the first place.

What I’m trying to get an answer to is…If I back up a project the proper does that backup become an independent
thing with files that will not disappear or is it subject to files disappearing if I delete the actual mixdown from my mixdown folder…will the mixdown that I placed in the pool and on a track still be there?

cheers, Kevin

Yes. There is a new cpr, and the folder is a standalone backup of the project, and has no relation to the project it was backed up from.

Great, thanks…now I’ve got to figure out why some files are missing when they’re not supposed to be… :frowning:

If you are doing a export audio mixdown and only choose POOL in the “import into project” part of the mixdown. Then it will be copied to the pool. But if you later make a backup and have “Remove unused Files” selected, this mixdown file will not get copied, as it is not referenced in the project. In the Export Audio Mixdown you also have to select “audio track” under “import into project”, that way It will be put on a new track and therefore also be referenced in the project as a used file. You can simply Mute the track, afterwards.

Hi, I’ve always chosen ‘pool’ and ‘track’ during mixdown…but they have both disappeared from a recent backup…
good point about the ‘‘remove unused files’’ though.

cheers, Kevin