Disappearing note design in Midi Editor

Hi all,

in the MIDI Editor of the Tracks zone module, in the case of a note with velocity set to zero, the representation of the note disappears.

In practice, of course, the note with zero velocity makes little sense, but I noticed this behavior when using the notes as control messages.

Is this the desired behavior or an issue?

MIDI protocol says that a Note On message with velocity 0 is to be treated as a Note Off message, so that is a logical behaviour.
You should be able to get rid of it in the MIDI List editor.

Hi @musicullum,

unfortunately I think I expressed the problem incorrectly.

The problem is not identifying a note with zero velocity in order to get rid of it, I write these notes because I use them as control messages via Actions and Shortcuts and I would like to keep track of them by normally analyzing the Midi Editor.

Just like in Cubase, I would expect notes with zero velocity to be drawn, as happens for notes with velocity greater than zero, in the top section of the Midi Editor.

Thanks for the patient replies, I remain available for any further details of the problem I’m trying to describe.