Disappearing of VST instruments and other issues

Hi guys,
Wanted to ask about several issues.
First I’ve been working on a VST sound based project. I added some percussion sounds and so on. Especially I added Metallic Percussion Kit 01 from the browser as an instrument channel. 2 days later I open the project and the channel and MIDI data is there but is not connected to the VST. I tried searching again to reconnect and the kit is missing even from the Media Bay. Do you have any idea what could cause it? I haven’t deleted anything.

I connected my Behringer BFC2000 controller mounted as Mackie Control. It was great in the beginning. Now when I try to write automation it writes absolute values. Even though i try different write automation options. If i try to turn on EQ or Mute for a particular moment i writes absolute values for the whole song and I have to correct it with the mouse and draw the dots again with the mouse.

Thanks for your time, guys!
Have a good one!

So I figured this is an instrument patch from Groove Agent SE and tryed to load Goove Agent but it won’t load. I can see it as a choice, I select it but nothing happens after that. Has anybody had the same issue? Should I re-install the whole system?