Disappearing pedal lines

I’ve been engraving some art songs lately, and I’ve noticed that pedal lines tend to disappear when other elements are edited. For example, in the screencap I attached, the pedal markings were fully entered, but when I added the 8va line, the pedal lines disappeared from that system onward.

I noticed the same issue in the song before this one, as well. If I selected the beginning of the line and moved it forward and back into place, the lines came back, but disappeared again when I made more changes to other elements of the score.

They remain invisible in Print Mode, as well.

I had the same experience, though but the pedal effect was still audible.
Somehow they did show up again, but I can’t reproduce…

If you can reproduce this behaviour with a particular project, please either attach it here or send it to me at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de so I can take a look. Please include the steps necessary to reproduce the problem (e.g. which page, which bars, etc.).

I managed to reproduce the disappearing pedal lines.
I mailed you the project.

When you change the first 2 notes in bar 37 the spacing gets disturbed.
Then change the next note and the pedal lines disappear.
The pedal effect is still there.

I’m currently experiencing a different but likely related problem: pedal lines in one flow of my current project are invisible in galley view but visible in page view and print mode. For reference—I am using pedal lines as a workaround for figured bass. In the flow in question, I input the pedal lines in page view, tried to switch to galley view halfway through, where they’re invisible. They can still be altered through the bottom UI if selected in page view first.

Has this been documented?

No, I’ve not heard of this problem. Please attach a cut-down excerpt from your project that exhibits the problem and we’ll look into it.

I’m running into a different, yet similar issue… Every now and then I encounter a problem when trying to input a pedal marking into my piano part. I’ve tried the panel and the pop-up and just about everything, but it still won’t work. It only shows some random attachment lines to the violin part, but no Pedal marking anywhere… It will input 1/2 pedal and other, but not the standard Ped.

P.S. They do appear in Engrave Mode, but not in Write Mode for some reason…

Please attach a minimal project that reproduces the problem, Rodrigo, e.g. by doing File > Save As to make a copy of your project, then deleting as many bars as possible such that only those bars necessary to reproduce the problem remain, then zip it up and attach it here and we’ll take a look.

I also noticed that the issue seems to be when using Galley view as opposed to Page view, and not as I thought before between Write and Engrave.

Here’s the attached file.

Invisible pedal bug.dorico.zip (324 KB)

Thanks, Rodrigo: this shows the same problem as one of the other scores we’re looking at. For some reason the pedal lines are drawing on the top staff in galley view, but the correct staff in page view. We haven’t yet got to the bottom of this problem, but I’m sure we will!

I’m sure the whole team is working hard on fixing the issue. Thanks for all the help! Keep me posted :wink:

So the problem is clearly still a thing. Any updates after two years to fix this?