Disappearing Playback Head / Slice Tool Visual Bug

Two problems I’m experiencing with Cubase 10.5. First, and by far the most annoying, is that my playback head randomly disappears while working. I have a 3 monitor setup on the 2018 Mac mini; sometimes the head will disappear on the main monitor, sometimes on the second monitor in the piano roll, sometimes both.

Here are a few videos of the problem

Second bug - when accessing the scissors/slice tools via the ALT key, the playback head is “off set” in the upper pane vs the lower. Oddly, accessing the split tool via clicking on the toolbar first does NOT result in this behavior. Video below.


Any help?

I can confirm this one on Mac and I have already contacted Steinberg with video clip demonstration. It also happens when you have the scissors tool selected and hold command.

Any update on this? Has it been logged as an error? Still having this problem