disappearing rests that I don't want to disappear?

At the beginning of the violin part in a piece for violin and piano I want to put a cue in the first 2 bars from piano a. I could use the cue function but when you have voices crossing over from piano b it ends up with a mess for a cue, and since this happens throughout the piece it would just be quicker to use voice 2 in the violin and input the cue, but when I do that, the rest in voice one disappears. I’ve tried to use some workarounds and can get a bar rest for 2/4 but it positions itself at the beginning of the bar instead of in the middle. Any way to fix this?

Set the caret in the correct place and with the correct voice selected, then either use Shift-B and type Rest or use the “Insert bar rest” button from the Bars and Barlines panel.