Disappearing Spiccato sounds

I’m working on a composition for strings and brass using Spiccato. I accepted the default Dorico HSSE string patches, wrote some parts, set them to Spiccato. They played very nicely, the perfect sound I was after. I then saved my file. Upon opening it later, I cannot get Dorico to play the same Spiccato sounds. It reverts to the original samples, even if I delete the Spiccato instructions and then reintroduce them. The only way I can get Spiccato sounds now is to choose the HSO Spiccato patches, which sound more aggressive than the default string patches did when first specified.

Ideas, anyone?

I’m unable to reproduce this problem in a new trivially simple project. Are you able to? How are you setting them to play spiccato? By choosing the “spicc.” playing technique from the right-hand panel, or typing “spicc” into the Shift+P popover?

I chose it as a playing technique. Don’t know if I can reproduce the behavior. I’m on a timeline for the project, and I could never get back to hearing the original spiccato sounds after they played once. I’ll play with it some more once the project is delivered.

Wow. Don’t you ever take time off? :cry: And thanks!