Disappearing System Text

Is it a known issue for system text to disappear when instruments near the top of the score are removed (having had their material deleted or moved to a lower location in the score)? They are in their correct positions in Galley View but don’t reappear in Page View unless I delete a Frame Break and renter it anew.

Can attach a file if this seems like a file-specific issue.

I’m not familiar with this problem, but if you have a simple reproducible case, by all means provide it. This kind of issue is sometimes reported (though not this specific one) and almost without exception whatever item isn’t showing does show up if you save, close and reopen the project.

Alright. I can’t reproduce this in a new project so perhaps it’s some issue with this file. It’s huge, so I will find a way soon to cut it down only to what you need and will get back to you. At the least, I will say that I have been working on this project for a long time and it is a recurrent problem—perhaps it disappears upon saving and closing as you say but it certainly comes back.

I’ll get back to you soon. Thank you!