Disappearing Text in Dorico Pro 4

I have discovered a potential bug today in Dorico Pro 4. I input [SHIFT] + X to type some default text onto the score. However, when I open up the preferences menu at the bottom of the page and try to select options like “Border” or “Position: Above | Below,” the text disappears. What is causing this issue?

Welcome to the forum!

The text editor is modal. So you have to finish text input before using the Properties panel, or anything else outside the text editor controls that appear above the text item.

Thanks for the welcome, Mark! As I continued to work with Dorico the problem seemed to be resolved but I can’t say in what exact way. What I will say is that when I was viewing the part on its own (the clarinet, for example) the text continued to appear. However, when I went back to the full score layout, I would see all of the text still there (4 copies of rall. poco a poco, for example, just stacked on top of each other since I had kept trying to add it back into the part layout). Not totally sure why the text would appear in the full score layout and keep disappearing from the part layout.

Perhaps you could post a Dorico file of the problem, an extract from your piece that demonstrates what is giving you difficulty.

Ah. This sounds like maybe some confusion between “staff text” (which shows only on the staff it’s attached to) and “system text” (which appears above designated staves in the score and in all part layouts). But as Derrek says, a file will show what’s going on.

Thanks, Mark, I’m assuming when you click on, say, a rest within a staff then press [SHIFT] + X it is resorting to entering staff text?

shift-x is always staff text. shift-alt-x is always system text.