Disappearing text in print dialogue

I have some additional text on the first page of a score.
All is visible until I change to the print dialogue and then some of the text disappears.

And I’ve just noted that some hidden accidentals are visible in print mode.
It makes no difference whether I attempt to ‘print to graphics’ or ‘printer’.

My suggestion is to try and export the PDF file and check there. The Print mode view is not reliable (because of a Qt limitation), it’s been so for ages and the PDF output is accurate. My 2c.

Honestly it sounds as though you have multiple layouts and are editing and printing different ones. In Print mode ensure that you’ve selected the correct layout in the left panel.

I have not found a problem doing this with hundreds of pdfs in Dorico 3.5 and 4. The problem has just occurred. After the 5.0.10 update.
I tried downgrading the file in Dorico 4 and had the same result - probably because both versions access the same subroutines.
Until this is fixed Dorico is unusable because of its unreliability.
I was in the process of revising and uploading Andrea Gabrieli’s 1st and 2nd books of motets to my archive site AAMMA.CO. That project will have to wait.
I will return to Sibelius until Dorico stability has been restored.

See my post above - we posted at the same time.

I have multiple layouts.
It makes no difference if I turn all off but the ‘full score’.
Within Setup, Write and Engrave everything is fine while Print falls short.

No, I mean it looks as though you have multiple score layouts and have selected the wrong one in the left panel of Print mode.

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Full Score wasn’t Full Score.
Your solution was correct.

This is the first time I have had this problem in hundreds of files.
Thank you.