Disappearing time/key signature

Dear all,

See attachment.
The cautionary time signature and key sign is disappeared from the lower staff.
What is happening and how to get it back?


This looks like a divisi-related bug. Are you running Dorico 2.1?

Yes, 2.1
In previous version I swiched tutti/div a couple of times in the next system.
This worked somehow. But not in 2.1.

For the time being I think you will need to modify the casting off so that the change back to the tutti does not coincide with a system break, but we will try to fix this in future so that you don’t have to rejig the layout to get the correct time signature and key signature changes to appear in all staves.

This is still happening in version 3.0.10 when I have a Unis flag on the first bar of the next page.

Welcome to the forum, kitgrahame.
As far as I can tell, the bug still exists but it’s possible to work around it. First add the unison, then add the system/frame break.

Hi pianoleo

Thanks for the suggestion.

This was at an automatic system break, so I had to first add a manual system break in the bar before so the Div and Unis bars were in the same system, remove and re-add the Unis, add a manual system break between the bars, and then remove the first temporary break. For a moment, the time signature reappeared, but when I saved and reopened the file it was gone again!

I have also had some luck getting it to appear by nudging the Unis flag left and right again with Alt+arrow. But again, when the file is reopened, the time signature disappears.

The only saving grace is that I can print the file immediately after the temporary fix, but I have to keep remembering to refix it every time I print a new draft.

I hope this one will be resolved soon.

I’m experiencing this with condensing as well, and I can’t figure out a workaround that keeps system breaks where I would like.

Has anyone found a workaround that works with condensing?

Please provide a cut-down version of the project that demonstrates this problem so we can take a look.

Hi all, is this bug still present? I’m experiencing this on and given how much time I’ve had to spend getting the score into shape (neither the divisi or condense function is quite right for choral scores - you still have to do an awful lot of manual tweaking to get things optimal) I’m reluctant to now start unlocking the formatting - I tried the workaround above and it was a nightmare getting everything to look good again.


That’s why it is a good practice always to try such work on a copy of the original file.

Yes, unfortunately the situation with key and time signatures on the boundaries of divisi sections is as yet unchanged. This is definitely something we are planning to improve, but it’s sufficiently thorny that we need to set aside some serious time to rework this particular aspect of the program, and we haven’t yet given it sufficient priority to down tools and work on it.

OK, thanks Daniel. I know things that can appear simple to fix from a users’ point of view can mean lots of complicated things under the hood. Hope you can get it sorted as and when.