Disappearing VSTi's in saved projects

Hi, I’m having problems whenever I open saved projects with C6.03 on W7. I’ve re-installed everything from scratch, run e-licenser maintenance & trashed my preferences & even tried rolling back to 6.02 but all to no avail.

If I open a new project, everything appears to work fine. However, when I try to work on recent projects, I can’t add VSTi instruments. I some instances I can add odd ones, Prologue or Mystic, but in most I can’t add any? I can’t open Halion SE in any saved projects, it either simply doesn’t appear or crashes Cubase, but it opens in fine in a new project. Similarly clicking on any of the ‘help’ buttons crashes everything.

I’m not working on any projects which pre-date C6 (apart from some audio files which I’ve imported as WAV’s), so it’s nothing to do with previous versions. When I updated to 6.02 I imported every audio file & copied the insert/mixers settings manually & resaved the projects to stop the constant crashes. I can’t face doing this again & I shouldn’t have to. The only non-steinberg product I’m using is iZotope4 (registered full version) & I’m using a Novation Nio with the latest W7 drivers.

I’m a longtime Cubase devotee, but I’m seriously beginning to think any program which you spend more time fixing than using simply isn’t fit for purpose.


If you are running 32bit version of Cubase it sounds like a “out of memory” issue. Press Ctrl-Alt-Del and start Task Manager, look for Cubase6.exe, how much memory does it take?

Hi, thanks for the reply. I think you might be on to something here.

Yes I’m running 32 bit W7, the task manager says cubase is using 1,487,396k & the CPU usage meter says I’m using 2382 of 3326 Mb of RAM. However I’ve only got 9 Audio tracks & one group track in the project! Yet I’ve got other projects using 40 audio & 10 midi tracks with multiple instances of isotope, nebula & reverence etc running comfortably & using far less!

It’s a Carillon PC with Intel quad core Q8300 @ 2.5 GHz and 4 Gb RAM installed. Given that I only use the odd VSTi mostly just for synth pads on most tracks, I don’t think I’m asking much of it. An empty 6.0.3 project uses about 100,000k. I’m at a loss to think how to discover what could be hogging all the RAM in such a simple project.