Disappointed with the new Hitpoint Detection

This was one of the main reasons I bought this update, but sadly after a few hours of playing with some grooves I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s no better than Cubase 5. It’s missing some very clear, obvious transients and when I come to create a Groove (for quantise) from the slices, the quantise map bares no resemblance to the original audio. There’s also a new slices to MIDI notes option, which I cannot get to work at all. Cubase only creates 2 MIDI notes from the first 2 slices, but ignores the rest. Very poor.

I wish Steinberg would license ReCycle. It works brilliantly, and has done for many many years. Steinberg just can’t seem to get this right.

Rant over!

Oh no, that was bad news… I thought that I’d finally get some use of this feature, but if it really doesn’t “hear” the sound as Steiny says in the tutorial video, then I guess it still sucks :frowning: Too bad. Let’s hope that ppl would comment on their experiences on this matter, so that Steiny will pay attention :stuck_out_tongue:

Did only a short check, today. To me, it worked a lot better than earlier versions.
This where multitrack drums, though.

bye, Jan

I was fiddling with hitpoints yesterday for couple of hours and in my opinion the algorithm is much better than in cubase 5.
I tried it with drums and fast-tempo electric gutar. It always detected all the relevant transients. Also hitpoints to midi notes worked great.


I have to agree with the last two posts. I find it works flawlessly on drums. I tested it out a couple of days ago on a older recording that had poor timing. In Less than 5 mins it was fixed, export kick and snare to midi for drum replacement and after a listen all I had to do was boost midi velocities a little and edit one snare roll and it was done. When I originally fixed this track it took me more than an hour. Serious time saver!!

Tried on acoustic guitar too and at first I thought “oh no” but once I set it look for 1/4 notes it was extremely accurate :slight_smile: I’m happy

I was fiddling with hitpoints yesterday for couple of hours and in my opinion the algorithm is much better than in cubase 5.


We have spent a good amount of time for the new Hitpoint detection algorithm and it compares very well against similar algorithms in other applications, they are not perfect as well. A lot of fine tweaking and adjustment went into it. But 100% percent accuracy is hardly possible to achieve, especially when it has to work not only with drums but also with other instrumental stuff. Sure, we could offer different algos which are specialized for specific type of sounds or instruments, but it then adds additional complexity for the user to select the correct algo for the case at hand. If compared to Cubase 5 the new algo is clearly a winner.

Not that I know as I’m still on C4 (seriously considering an upgrade to C6)

But If as you say you could get even better performance by offering specialised algorithms for specific sounds then I would consider that a serious enhancement to the functionality of the hit point detection.

After all you have various time stretch algorithms and the user seems to cope with that!


+1 for the new hitpoints, at least working with drums. The old one NEVER worked well for me.

I would still like to see hitpoints accessible from the Project window - every trip to another window takes time and kills workflow.

+1 really works good on multitrack drums and rythm guitar parts, even my bass track are correctly detected. On other stuff it isn’t probably the right tool.

Just done hitpoints on some Multitracked Live drums and it worked a treat only about 2 hitpoints needed a little help

even recycle often needs adjusting, 100% accuracy doesn’t exist yet…

i find recycle 2.1 needs alot of adjusting the hit points are rubbish ! i think steiny has done a good job on the hit points they seem to be fairly accurate for all instruments they detect !