I’ve been using Cubase since version 7.5 and have built-up a library of sounds, VSTs and internal apps (such as Groove Agent and HALion) over the years. All of which have cost me a pretty penny. I have found it very annoying that many of the VSTs and sounds that were pushed as “new” on the DVD collection when I first purchased version 7.5 install box were not. Now when I check to see if there have been ANY updates, I see that the software was made available in 2011 (several years before my purchase) and has not been updated since. Even more annoying is the fact that I received ads in my email to purchase supposed “new” software that will make my post production process easier… I bought that too. Well, that, too turned out to be a lie - it wasn’t new (created ion 2011 - 5 years before the email) and there hasn’t been a single update to that either. I could go on, but I am VERY disappointed and annoyed at the fact that I have spent well over $1500 in these sound/VSTs/APPs thinking that I would have at least a few years of support before having to spend again.
Does Steinburg assume that their stuff doesn’t stink and they create a perfect product that requires no further attention (unless someone complains about a problem), that they no longer provide any kind of maintenance updates (i.e. what would their customers like to see fixed/added/modified).
I am a life-long Cubase user and supporter and will always use compatible products, no matter what - but not everyone else is like me, and they’re going to start losing customers if they don’t start taking care of their customer’s products.