Disarm all tracks?

Hi guys,

Is there a quick way to disarm all the tracks that are record enable? Sometimes I leave a track record enabled and then I have to be fishing for it in a 700+ track session in order to disarm it.


Hi Imzadi,

you can select all your tracks and click on the record enable button while pressing “Alt + Shift” on your keyboard.


Or you could set up a preset in Project Logical Editor and assign it a key command.

[*]Media Type is/All Types in the upper panel

[*]Track Operation/Record/Disable in the lower panel

Excellent! Great suggestions, thanks.

Reviving an old thread. I followed the project logical editor instructions, and it works when I hit “Apply”, but I cannot get the key command to execute this operation. I’ve attached a screenshot. Can anyone see what I’m doing wrong? Thanks!

I did this and i assigned to function 1 on my cc121.
Its flawless, just one click and all Audio and MIDI tacks unarm ed