Disaster after update to MacOS High Sierra

Just updated older Mac to high Sierra and Cubase 5 freaked out. Get white noise when I try to play a file. Once Cubase boots up it changes my sound preference from my audio interface to computer internal speakers. Can’t switch it back. Have to restart computer. ???

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I’m quite sure Cubase 5 doesn’t support macOS 10.13 High Sierra.

Cubase 9 was the first version to officially support High Sierra. You can still download and run all Cubase versions between Cubase 9 and 11 if you purchase an upgrade to Cubase Pro 12.

Cubase 10.5 supposedly works with only some minor graphical glitches on High Sierra. How well it’s going to run depends on how old this Mac is though. The newer Cubase versions generally run better than Cubase 5 did, but there could be some incompatibilities with old hardware.

Thanks for your response. My iMac is from mid 2010. Two 27” monitors, 2.93GHz, Intel Core i7, 8 GB memory(1333MHz DDR3). 1TB internal hard drive and 1 TB external hard drive.
It had Mountain Lion on it when I bought it. I loaded Cubase 5 years ago and it worked flawlessly. I recently has issues with websites not letting me in because of time and date issue. So I upgraded the OS to High Sierra. That’s when everything got screwed up. Now only white noise and Cubase changes my sound preferences when it boots up.
Looking for Cubase 8.0 or Cubase Artist 11 should run on my system. Any ideas as to what’s causing the white noise. Tried to load Cubase 5 over existing but no luck. Do I need to uninstall 5 before loading anything else if I can’t resolve this?
Thanks for any help you can provide. Can’t find anyone in the area who seems to want to help a female. I guess this must be a male thing.


Just guessing…

The white nose could come from a plug-in in Demo/Trial mode. Or the CoreAudio2Asio component incompatibility.

Could you try to use different Sample Rate of the project? I would try 44.1.

I’ll give it a shot. I’m pretty much a novice at this but I’m the adventurous type.

I think my Cubase 5 has somehow been corrupted when I updated my OS from Mountain Lion to High Sierra. Cubase totally freaks out my system. I want to totally remove it and start over. Looks like I might be able to get Cubase 8.5. This way I won’t have to upgrade the Mac also. Do you think
I’ll run into any issues with 8.5 running on High Sierra?