Disaster Relief Song, v2

Now the real work can begin. :sunglasses: :smiley:

Sent all those included an email with the details. I’ll post the new version on my site in a few. (Still only keys and drums so don’t get your hopes up just yet). :wink:


I’ve also asked for charts just for the hell of it. It may not be as important to the rest of the team, but I’m deathly afraid of getting “fancy schmancy” with the color notes and creating clashes with the rest of you.

Still, I told John just now (via email) that I’ve been doodling on the fretless with this for the past 20m. I’m quite excited about the possibilities, finger fatigue be damned. I’m seriously out of shape on my fretting hand. :frowning:

Get the wav mix that’s labeled For No Reason_sf2.wav
That one is the full quality wav, the best one to import into a project and work with. If you use this file and set your DAW to same sample rate / bit depth there will be no audio stretching.
Digi details are:
32 bit (float) / 48KHz / 130 BPM
8 count of silence (2 measures at the beginning)

The other two files (a wav and mp3) are mainly for burning / listening, etc…

Sounds fantastic so far.

I’m not a person to reject much. :laughing:
I like the clean electric idea in the verses. If you do that, I may add a touch of smooth (probably tube emulation) distortion to the glassy sounding pad to grunge it up just a little.
I tightened up the “classical” guitar part a little better in this version. Should be a little easier to sync up to as well.

I think the Lincoln Park / Evanescence reference is pretty apt for this song. It has that underlying aggression to it, I hear it even with only the keys on it.

If you’re on the project check your email. I can’t contain myself. :stuck_out_tongue:

We wont fret about it! :laughing:


Finally had a listen last night, and just wanted to pass along kudos… nice! John, Glyn and I had a great chat on Skype also, such gatherings will hopefully move things forward … we need perhaps to conference all of us some time…


I’m thinking once we get Steve’s guitar on a version we can post a copy up for a public listen?