Disc/ASIO Performance Meter(F12)

Does everybody rely on this? I do. Not that I ever get crashy or glitchy(yet!) but I like the meter.
Does that thing matter, or is it just arbitrary?

Here’s why…on my old system running AI6 on a stock Toshiba Satellite the meter practically never registered. it was smooth.
Now I have just recently upgraded to a new laptop(from a small company that custom builds systems for DAWs.
I also upgraded to C7.( I wish I would have just kept AI6).

Anyways, now that meter is always jumping around, and it averages out to be 1/4 of the way across. But it constantly
jumps around. Both meters do. The red light at the end is always lit up too.

I use Toontrax easy drummer. and some basic effects plug ins. Nothing heavy and no other virtual instruments.
The same music and plugs as my old laptop and AI6.