Disc Overload C10 cannot export track via audio mixdown

having great difficulty exporting an audio mix down of my new track i always get ‘A disc overload occurred during the export’.

Many tunes work but for some reason this one just will not export. I tried the following steps;

  1. froze all tracks with plug ins and downloaded the instruments as i thought this would free up space and make it work easier. So no instruemtns live now (EZ drummer, HAL, retrologue etc were off lined)
  2. Reduced stereo out greatly eg down to minus 5 producing very low volume just to see (still no success)
  3. Muted all drum tracks to make less happening and potentially less spikes
  4. Changed bit rate down to 32 and to 16khz hoping this would help (I normally have always just used 44.1 khz)
  5. deleted all old and unused and inactive track permanently from the project.
    Attaching screen prints of various parts of my system to answer some questions and help troubleshoot.

So see attached, how in the check do i get this thing to export?

Okay clearly I cant attach anything, i pasted them all (screen prints) in a Word format doc (docx) and all formats this accepts has no common format with Word, that seems very silly, can answer questions on demand then thanks. peter


Open Pool and Remove Unused Media, please.

I did this and it clearly helped i went from 1,100 files to 612 files as i had a lot of old versions of this track but i still get the error. Though now later in song (export in real time) and seems a bit better now.
So two questions;

  1. How does this work re deleting unused files. One deletes old tracks and unloads instruments but if they do not go to pool and also remove them they still take up bandwidth or are considered for processing or examined each time? So still slows things down?
  2. Any other ideas on what might cause disc overload as i still have it.

Thanks peter