Disco Zombie made with Cubase 5 Essential

Hi everybody!

Im not pro musician at all , i have never study music , im just basement music junky.
So, here you can listen my “night creation”.
Disco Zombie
Recorded with Cubase 5 Essential, all guitars recorded in line with no mic, bass recorded in line too.

Hope you will enjoy!
Viva la musica!

I think this is really really good!
Very nice and subtle drums, nice chord progression and great mix of guitars and synth, I’m well impressed.
I thought your lead synth sounded a little too ‘standard’, the rhytm synth is a little better but it applies here as well. Not entirely sure what else to call it, it sounds like a synthsound I’d get from browsing a few presets without editing much. Try some filter automation, some thickening effects like a chorus for instance, to make it sound more you and less preset, if you know what I mean.

Nice piece though, and nice playing too!

By the way, this is entirely different from what I was expecting from the title. If that’s not intentional, you have a strange way of defining Disco Zombie :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Strophoid!
Thank you for listen and for give me your opinion.
You have reason about song arrangement, there should be nice automations, special FX, some kind of “sweeteners”. That song can sounds much much better, but it was my first experience with the DAW, before i was working with small Boss recorder.So, when i switched to DAW i found totaly unlimited possibility and also totaly new kind of problems.Now i try to understand how to work with Cubase, it is new world to discover… :astonished: So much to learn…
About the title, there is a short story behind.
One friend of mine , he is a DJ and he told me once that in his club people asking all the time to play the songs that playing all the time on the radio - GaGa , David Guetta , Rihanna… etc he put it for them, but they ask more and more and the same again.And when he tryed to play something very new, people become angry and go away from club.
He told me - people like hypnotized about radio songs, and if they hear something different - they get angry and upset.
I answered to him - it is like kind of Disco Zombies who were programed only for one type of music and when you broke that program they do not feel well…
So , from here i took inspiration to my song Disco Zombie.
My idea / vision of the song was : make intro very typical to disco music, then change to something more wild, and then make relise soft , outro / end melodical and nice… like this was born Disco Zombie!

Dedicated to To all Disco Zombies and sad DJs :smiley:

My best wishes!